MOI Sheikh Seif Excellence Award

H.H. Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior today recognised the winners of the 4th edition of the Minister of Interior's Excellence Award in a ceremony held at the Dubai Police Officers Club. H.H. Sheikh Saif also honoured members of the Award's General Secretariat, Jury Members, including academics, specialists and partners, for their significant efforts to render the award a continual success over the years. The winners dedicated their achievements and success to the citizens, residents, and visitors of the United Arab Emirates. They vowed to continue their march of excellence and achievement in order to achieve further results that are befitting of the UAE’s level of progress, prosperity, and stability. ZIA Objectives: Exceptional photography of the all the activities related to the event. Shooting of videos as part of the event’s promotional strategy. Creating branding materials for the event that engages the target audience. Providing a basis for service assurance, reporting and service improvement. Identifying and determining corresponding control measures. Programming the event in such a way that operational information is transferred. Forming the base of many routine activities in operations management of the event. Scope of Work: Event Branding Concept Design and Production LED screens Branding items Stage and seating arrangement Audio and video setup Lights and sound setup Stage design and production Corporate video Storyboard and script creation Video shooting Post-production Full event photo and video coverage